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Investment Consultant in Vinh Phuc

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Investment Consultant in Vinh Phuc

Vinh Phuc is a destination that attracts many domestic and foreign investors, with the advantage of being home to many large Industrial Parks such as: Khai Quang, Binh Xuyen, Thang Long - Vinh Phuc, Ba Thien, Tam Duong, Phuc Yen. Additionally, these locations also have many policies to increase the oppotunities  for investors;. Moreover, it also creates favorable conditions for enterprises to maintain and expand production and business activities.

In this below article, Youth and Partners Law Firm would like to introduce to our clients a brief overview of Investment Consulting Lawyers in Vinh Phuc and the values we can bring to our clients.

I. What is "Investment Consultant" (or "Investment Advice") in Vinh Phuc?

The basic concept of “Investment Consultant” is generally understood as recommendations or guidelines intended to explain and provide information to investors about a certain investment product or series. It is quite difficult for foreign investors or even dosmetic investors to access to information about investment policies and laws in general in Vietnam, as well as specific policies which related to each field and each location. Therefore, "Investment Consultant " considered to be the best solution for this issues. Investment consulting can provide investors with information about their investment projects as well as market issues and relevant legal policies.

With Y&P’s comprehensive legal understanding of the international business environment in Vietnam, we can supply legal advice on investment guidelines and policies, eligible for investment incentives, and current investment incentive programs. Through the investment consulting, investors can orient the investment projects and anticipate possible risks for the projects.

II. Why do investors need investment consulting services?

Investment fields? Investment locations? Business forms? These questions often causes headache to investors to consider. Because, investment in general is a fields that include potential risk and trouble, directly affecting the investment projects. Investors must fully understand the market, identify business strategies so that the investment could be effective and profitable. Therefore, in order to minimize risks and ensure safety when deciding contribute capital, individuals and businesses need investment advices from a knowledgeable and professional organization.

Youth & Partners Law Firm is an established law firm operating mainly in Vinh Phuc, so accessing the policies of Vinh Phuc province is one of our advantages. Besides consulting on policies and laws, we can forecast to investors and businesses about the latest changes in investment policies of the state in general and of Vinh Phuc in particular, from there Y&P's able to assess the level of impact on the investor's project and give them the best advice. That will be a suggestion, and moreover, a very valuable orientation for investors when conducting market surveys and explorating about the areas that investors want to participate in.

III. Investment consulting activities of Youth & Partners Law Firm

With the advantages of specializing in providing investment consulting services in Vinh Phuc, and with a team of dynamic and experienced lawyers and consultants, Youth & Partners Law Firm can provide clients with best investment advice. The specific activities included but not limited below:

- Consulting on investment practices, undertakings and policies;

- Consulting on feasibility and risks of investment projects;

- Consulting on selection of investment form (direct investment, indirect investment, investment under BT, BTO, BOT contracts...)

- Consulting on setting up investment projects;

- Advising on procedures for applying for Investment Registration Certificate, for renting land or for other licenses;

- Consulting and drafting investment-related contracts;

- Advising investors on problems during the investment projects;

IV. Services associated with Investment Consulting in Vinh Phuc of Youth & Partners Law Firm.

- Apply for permits related to Residence Cards, Temporary Residence Cards and Visas for foreigners;

- Apply for Work Permit for foreigners working in Vietnam;

- Carrying out the procedures for transferring capital contribution of foreign investors;

- Change information related to foreign investors, investment licenses and business registration certificates;

- Carrying out procedures for merger, acquisition, suspension, dissolution of companies, branches and representative offices of foreign-invested companies.

- Carrying out procedures for adjusting investment projects, transferring investment projects.

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